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田径训练与健身气功 Track and Field Training and Health Qigong
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  • Greece 希腊
  • 皮特
  •  本期人物 Cover Person 
  • .09.08
  • Health Qigong - a way to healthy life
  • 健身气功 养生之道
  • Health Qigong Story
  • 健身气功故事
  • 我的希腊语名字叫Panagiotis Kontaxakis,健身气功领域的大部分朋友都叫我皮特。

    My Greek name is Panagiotis Kontaxakis. 
    Most of my friends in Health Qigong know 
    me as Peter.
    My very beginning of Health Qigong started from a sports career back round.
  • 关于我
    About Me
  • 我曾经是跳高冠军。从我最初的童年时代开始,我曾经八次达到希腊全国最高纪录。1988年我曾经在土耳其安卡拉举行的室外田径比赛上跳到2.28米,这一成绩是当时希腊全国最高纪录。

    I am an ex-champion in high jump. I achieved the national record of Greece about 8 times 
    since my early childhood. I jumped 2.28 
    meters, which was the outdoor Greece 
    national record in Ankara Turkey in 1988.
  • 关于我
    About Me
  • 当我还是一名职业运动员的时候,我在训练中已经用到了气功和太极。我观察到亚洲的身心训练方法可以帮助我从过度训练中很好地恢复,让我可以更加专注,激活我体内的荷尔蒙,同时激活我身体里所谓的“内力”。

    In my training as a professional athlete I used Qigong and Taichi practices.I had investigated Asian body mind training methods that would help me to recover from overtraining, 
    to be able to focus better, to activate my inner hormones, 
    to activate the so called inner power.

  • 在我13岁时,我第一次听说了太极拳和气功,我立刻就被吸引住了。刚开始时,我在书本上了解了这一类训练方法和实践。到我20岁时,我已经对气功做了大量的研究,并且从气功训练中得到了一些回报。

    I first heard about Tai chi and Qigong 
    when I was 13 years old. I was attracted 
    instantly. In the beginning I found 
    about these kind of training methods 
    and practices in books, and when I was 
    20 years old I had done a great 
    deal of research and had some 
    feedback in Qigong training.
  • 训练
  • 过量训练
  • 过量训练时
  • 训练后
    After Training
  • 训练中
    During Training
  • Track and Field Training and Qigong
  • 全身练习弥补田径训练偏重个别部位造成失衡
    Whole body structure
    , make good to imba
    lances in T&F training.
  • 减少精力不集中、疲劳、情绪低落造成受伤
    Reduse injuries when 
    not focused, mentally 
    tired, emotionally 
  • 保持专注和调整思想
    Stay focused and 
    adjust mind
  • 减缓由此造成的衰老并终身受益
    Against fast aging 
    caused by overtrain
    -ing, and benefit 
  • 快速有效恢复身心
    Recover body and 
    mind as effective 
    and fast as possible
  • 精神抖擞有活力
    Be fresh and have
  • 训练前
    Before Training
  • 田径训练与气功
  • For me track and field Sports is an 
    unnatural engagement and it is 
    important to emphasize the elements 
    that will be able to bring someone 
    back into his natural state.In such 
    a way Qigong is a training method 
    that could help someone involved 
    in Track and field training systems.
  • 对我来说,竞技田径运动是一种非自然状态的参与,因此强调能够让人回到其自然状态很重要。在这种情况下,气功是一种能起到这种作用的训练方法。

  • I had in Greece, a Qigong and Tai chi 
    school, since 1992. My back round to 
    this was coming mostly from Chinese 
    teachers I had in USA and in Europe.
  • 1992年,我在希腊开了一家气功和太极学校。我对于气功和太极的回归大部分来源于我在美国和欧洲的中国老师。

  • 2007年,经推荐,我和我的妻子一起,开始在中国健身气功协会的老师们的指导下学习健身气功。


    All began in 2007 with 
    Health Qigong. This 
    was the real start with 
    Chinese Health Qi
    gong Association. 
    I started right away 
    my lessons there with 
    my wife.
    In 2008 we started to 
    teach Health Qigong 
    in Greece.
  • 健身气功



  • It was openly accepted from me and our stu
    -dents because it was simple and challenging 
    at the same time.It was down to earth and was 
    able to pass the essence each of the 
    Health Qigong forms had, to the practitioners.
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  • 我和我的学生们都很坦率地表达了对健身气功的接受,因为它看似简单同时又充满挑战性。它很务实,并且可以将每一套健身气功功法的本质传达给习练者。
  • 健身气功
    Health Qigong
  • 2011
  • One of the great things Health 
    Qigong methods does is to bring 
    a practitioner closer to his own feelings. 

    Through working with the movements 
    in the forms we develop and expand our 
                                 perceptions and our feelings.
                                       That is where experience,                                                  philosophy and self-
                                               refinement come in. 

  •               健身气功的好处之一是让

  • !

  • What more 
    we can earn
    basically from
    Health Qigong,
    then to 
    feelings within 
    ourselves and 
    within our 
    and nature. 
    We have to 
    trust our 
  • 我们可以从健身气功中获得更多的东西,然后培养我们关于自我内在、周围环境和自然的所有感受。我们必须相信自己的感受。

  • I love Health  Qigong!

  • 谢谢! Thank you!
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