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健身气功助我抗癌之旅 Benefits of Qigong in My Cancer Journey
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  • 梁洁玲
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  • .09.08
  • Health Qigong - a way to healthy life
  • 健身气功 养生之道
  • Health Qigong Story
  • 健身气功故事
  • 我患有至今

  • Even though I am under 
    incurable Raynaud’s Disease and 
    blood cancer leukemia,Health Qigong 
    has greatly helped me to recover part of my 
    physical strength,mobility and my quality of life.
  • 健身气功助我抗癌之

    Benefits of Qigong in My Cancer Journey
  • In December 1999, both my legs collapsed on 
    me.I had to sit on wheel chair to run my daily 
    activities. My quality of 
    life was adversely 
    I was diagnosed by 
    University Texas 
    Physicians for having 
    Raynaud's Disease. It 
    is a rare disorder of 
    blood vessels which 
    causes low blood flow 
    to fingers and toes.
  • 1999年12月,我的两条腿都骨折了。我的日常活动只能坐在轮椅上去完成,生活质量也受到影响。
  • I followed the cancer treatment regimens at the MD 
    Anderson Cancer Center, and I was given medication 
    to control the cancer on top of my Raynaud's Disease.

    Under medication, I could stand up and do limited 

  • In 2011, I was diagnosed to have blood cancer, 
    leukemia.My leukemia case may be accentuated by my Raynaud's disease.

  • 2011年,我被诊断出患有血癌——白血病,我的白血病可能是因雷诺病的加重而诱发。

  • 我遵循德州大学安德森癌症治疗中心的癌症治疗方案,坚持接受治疗,除了继续服用治疗雷诺病的药物,医生也要求我服用一些控制癌症的药物。


  • 大量的药物摄入也给

  • One of the side effects of the numerous medications over 
    the next few years was that my bone became 
    brittle.In October 2015, my physicians found a hair 
    line crack on my left thigh Femur.The physicians did a 
    surgery to attach a Titanium metal to the thigh 
    bone from hip to knee. I was not released from the 
    hospital until the end of November to start physical 
  • 我的健身气功之旅

    My Experience In 
    Health Qigong

  • My experience in Health Qigong 
    did not earnestly begin until 2011 when Chinese 
    Health Qigong Association (CHQA) visited the 
    USA Tai Chi Academy which was founded by 
    my husband, Master Jason Leung. Great interests in Health Qigong were initiated from the first 
    visit from China. 

  • 我的健身气功之旅从2011年中国健身气功协会访问美国健身气功太极协会才正式开始,此协会正是由我先生梁志光所创立。我对于健身气功的浓厚兴趣就来源于这从中国来的第一次访问。

  • 从2011年起,我开始按照中国健身气功协会的教学方法习练健身气功。

    Since 2011, I began to practice Health Qigong according to the teaching 
    methods from CHQA.
  • 我们在学校里学习的健身气功功法包括八段锦、五禽戏、易筋经和太极养生杖。我每周习练健身气功超过六次。

    The Health Qigong exercises that we do at 
    school include Ba Duan Jin, Wu Qin Xi, Yi Jin 
    Jing,Da Wu and Tai Chi Yang Sheng Zhang. I practiced more than six times a week.
  • 我的手臂和腿部的骨头都得到修复之后,在接下来的康复方案中,我发现一些物理治疗的动作与我日常练习的健身气功中的动作非常相似。

    After the bones on my leg and arm were repaired, 
    as part of my rehabilitation program some of the 
    movements in physical therapy were very similar 
    to the movements I usually do in the Health 
    Qigong routines.

  • To reinforce the Health Qigong that learned in 
    school, I successively participated in the Health 
    Qigong Forums, and the competitions. 
    The learnings also helped me a lot in my 
    rehabilitation program during my recovery.

  • 为了巩固提高我在学校里学到的健身气功,我陆续参加了健身气功论坛,也参加了健身气功比赛。这些培训,也为我的康复提供了很多帮助。

  • With engaging in Health Qigong physical 
    therapy, I was able to do most of the Qigong 
    routines including Yi Jin Jing. I was able to even 
    climb up the Wu Dang Mountain with the other 
    participants of the Forum in February 2016, 
    which was during the third month after I 
    was released from the hospital due to 
    a major leg surgery.
  • 通过健身气功物理治疗,我已经可以做包括易筋经在内的大部分健身气功功法套路。我甚至在2016年2月份和其他健身气功习练者一起,爬上了武当山,参加健身气功论坛,当时正是我腿部手术后出院的第三个月。

  • The physical therapists and the physicians were all 
    amazed with the excellent progress on recovering my 
    mobility and physical strength. In fact, the physicians 
    at UT Physicians and MD Anderson Cancer Center, 
    which is the world renowned cancer clinic, claim that 
    I am one of the best patients in their record history. 
    My white blood cell count is well under control.
  • 物理治疗师和医生们都为我在行动能力和身体力量方面突出的康复效果感到惊讶。事实上,德州休斯顿医务所和世界知名的德州大学安德森癌症治疗中心的医生们也指出,我是他们记录在案的有史以来康复效果最好的病人之一。如今,我的白血细胞已经得到了很好的控制。

  • I strongly believe that Health Qigong helps me to circulate blood and oxygen and relieve blockage of Qi (vital 
    energy) in my body system through the series of gentle 
    movements and stretching exercises along with deep 
    breathing. Although I am still under the Raynaud Disease 
    and leukemia blood cancer, Health Qigong has boosted 
    my immune system, without any known side effects, and 
    reduced pain to a manageable level which improved the 
    quality of my sleep,improved my self-esteem and greatly 
    boosted my confidence in life and therefore 
    my quality of life.

  • 我深信健身气功通过一系列柔和缓慢的动作和拉伸运动,配合以深呼吸,促进了我体内的血液和氧气循环,推动了气(生命能量)在我身体中的畅通运行。尽管我依然与雷诺病和白血病为伴,但是健身气功已经增强了我的免疫系统,没有任何副作用,将我的病痛减轻到了可以控制的程度,我的睡眠质量也随之得到改善,同时也提高了我的自尊心,极大地增强了我对于生活的信心,继而提高了我的生活质量。

  • The feeling of confidence 
    and my outlook on life is in
    fectious, as it gets passed 
    on to other students in 
    school and citizens in 
    community surrounding 
    us, so that they become 
    interested in learning and 
    practicing Health Qigong 
  • 这种信心和人生观也感染了学校的其他学生以及附近社区里的其他居民,由此,他们也对健身气功产生了兴趣,开始学习健身气功。
  • If it were not because of my involvement in 
    practicing Health Qigong since 2011, the diseases 
    I had and my recovery from the broken bones 
    would not improve that smoothly and rapidly.

    I am grateful that I could contribute in a small way 
    to promoting Health Qigong for the health and 
    wellness of the community.
  • 如果不是从2011年起我开始参与习练健身气功,我的疾病和骨折的康复过程不会如此顺利和快速。

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